My thoughts on The Voice

Is anyone else watching this show?!  I’m obsessed with it, but it seems like no one else watches it…at least not anyone at work where I can discuss it the day after the Tuesday night show.  Seriously, it’s SO GOOD.  I think the talent is so much better than American Idol, and of course I just love the judges (although Christina’s up-to-there boobs are becoming a little much).  Ok, we get it.

Anyways, the performances last night by Team Adam and Team CeeLo were ridiculous.  I am definitely “Team Adam” and my two favorite singers are Javier Colon and Jeff Jenkins.  I voted like a mad woman for both of them.

Here’s Javier singing “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan…

And Jeff singing “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Miss Carrie Underwood….

Such a great show.  Tuesday nights at 8:00 Central on NBC.  They show re-runs on E throughout the week too.

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