Friday’s 5 Faves…Summertime!

I can’t believe it’s summer.  This year is flying by!  For once I am hoping it keeps flying because in case you haven’t heard, I sort of graduate next year:)  Keep going time, keep going….but then slow down when I turn 30.

Now I must admit that summer is my least favorite season.  This is for various reasons such as my abhorrence towards shaving my legs, burning my thighs every time I get in the car, my wedding rings looking like they have been shoved on to little sausages, swamp butt and hair that resembles Monica on the Barbados trip episode….

However, there are a few things I enjoy, so in honor of summer I will give you my 5 favorite things about this hot as Hades lovely season.
1. Sun dresses!  I could live in them, and I pretty much do May through August.  So much easier getting ready in the morning.  Just don’t look too closely at my legs…
2. Picking blueberries, blackberries, etc.  Morgan Creek is having their first U-Pick-Em event this summer.  Just another excuse to head out to one of my favorite places.  Wine tasting and a basket full of plump blueberries?  Yes please.
3. Popcicles….we seriously only ever buy these in the summer months and there is nothing better.  I love the sugar free fruit bars by Edy’s and the Whole Foods 365 fruit bars, especially the coconut!
4. Long days….I do enjoy not leaving work in the dark.  Sometimes I can even leave class and the sun will still be out.
5. Ditching the blow dryer.  Living in the sweltering south, it’s just stupid to try and blow dry my hair everyday.  Not only is it worthless because the second I walk out of the door my hair doubles in size, but also because it’s too darn hot to stand there and blast my head with hot air.  I much prefer my salt spray and an air dry.

And just for the fun of it, here are some super cool summer songs to get you in the mood.  Yes, I am quite possibly the best playlist maker EVER.

One thought on “Friday’s 5 Faves…Summertime!

  1. Oooooooo! Popcicles!!! I LOVE them!! I ate and ENTIRE box of Pop-Ice when I was pregnant with Jonah!!! Nobody else got one!(and you know there are like 100 of those little gems in a box!) Over a 9 month period I guess that's not TOO bad!


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