Meet Chupa!

Here is our latest foster pup…Chupa!

On her way to her new foster home

Kind of a funny story about this little girl.  GBHS called us a few days before we left for New Orleans and said they had a new one for us, but she was pretty sick and couldn’t be released into foster care for another week or so.  We said that worked fine since we would be gone for a week anyways and to just call us when she was ready to be released.  A couple weeks go by and they never call us to come pick her up or anything, and I just kind of forgot about it, assuming that A) someone else fostered her, or B) she was just so sick that they had to put her down (sad I know, but sometimes it’s for the better).  Then this past Friday they call and ask if we can still take her and that is just now well enough to leave vet care.  Poor thing has been under vet care for a month!  I guess she was in terrible shape when she was brought in.  She is one of the “tornado pups” so there is no telling what all she has gone through. 

As for the name…I guess when she was brought in she had NO HAIR.  Like no hair on her body whatsoever and was covered in scabies.  Not to mention she is heart worm positive.  They named her “Chupa” which is short for chupacabra, which I guess is what they thought she looked like.  When they first contacted me about her and joked about how she looked like a “chupacabra” I had no idea what that even was.  So I Googled it, and what comes up?  “Goat blood sucking nocturnal creature.”  The Google images looked like this…

Haha!  Bless her heart.  Thank goodness her hair has grown back and she looks MUCH better.  We have decided that this is probably the most comical foster we have ever had.  She is seriously hilarious and has made herself right at home.

One thought on “Meet Chupa!

  1. How sweet! This may be something I'm supposed to know the answer to, but how do you go about fostering animals?

    And thank you SO MUCH for the New York e-mail! I just got back from my school conference tonight to tell you, but I've been reading it the past few days! Every place you named sounds fabulous! We are going to book our hotel and stuff this week, so I'll have to let you know the details!


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