Yeeeeaa Javier!

And Dia!  My 2 favorites came in 1st and 2nd on The Voice last night (Javier won the 1st place title, and deservedly so as far as I am concerned).  I know I’ve said it a million few times, but I.LOVE.THAT.SHOW.  I’ll probably never be able to watch Idol again.  I just don’t think the talent stands in comparison.  Missed Tuesday’s final performances and last night’s celebrity duets and results?  Here are some amazing final performances from my two faves….

Javier and Adam Lambert doing “Man in the Mirror” by M.J…

Javier doing his original song “Stitch by Stitch” (which I’ve totally already downloaded and listen to everyday)…

Dia and Blake Shelton doing “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty…

Dia and Miranda Lambert (Mrs. Blake Shelton) doing “The House that Built Me” by Miranda…

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