Friday’s Five Faves!

TGIF friends!  This seemed like an awfully long short week.  Why is that?  Having Monday off should have made it fly by, but this was not the case.  Oh well, it’s almost the weekend now!

This edition of Friday’s 5 Faves is all food because, well, I like food.  Especially food that is healthy (for the most part) and tastes good.

1. Newman’s Own frozen pizzas (the roasted veggie one).  We buy a lot of Cool Hand Luke’s stuff because he and his wife were pretty much the coolest people ever.  I like to support the business of cool people.  I mean seriously, they give their profits to numerous charities.  Cool people I tell you.  We love the brand’s cookies, salsa, pasta sauce, popcorn and pretzels too.  And the boys love the dog treats!

2. Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. You probably remember Nutella being on my list last week. Well this stuff may have taken the place of Nutella thanks to the much better nutritional facts and fewer ingredients. Less ingredients = less crap in my food. This stuff tastes a little better too and it comes in those single serving size packets.

 3. Morningstar Chik’n patties with a biscuit. I’m sure you know (or possibly love) those chicken biscuits from Chikfila. I do not eat them because of the obvious fact that they are chicken, but I am fairly certain they are good considering that everyone else drools over them. This is my latest sub and I am obsessed. I just nuke one of this patties and stick it in one of my Alexia Foods biscuits and eat it in 2 bites. Good stuff.

4. Barbara’s Bakery Peanut Butter Chocolate Puffins…what?!  I am a long time fan of the regular peanut butter Puffins (and Barb in general), but this new flavor is fantastic!  It makes my almond milk taste oh so amazing after I have eaten the cereal.

5. Archer Farms Baked Sea Salt and Vinegar chips.  After discovering these while on vacation last month, I have been hooked.  S+V has always been my favorite chip, but we try not to keep regular chips in the house out of fear that we will eat the entire bag during one episode of Friends, so I was stoked to find this much healthier version of my fave chip.

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