Friday’s Five Faves

The weekend is here!  We have some fun stuff planned….meeting with a travel agent tomorrow morning to discuss my GRADUATION TRIP!  Yea!  We have a few ideas in mind and are really excited to start nailing something down.  It’s going to be a big trip, because, well, it’s a big thing we will be celebrating!!  We also have a fun little date night planned for tomorrow night:)

Now for what I am scarfing loving this week…

1. These new under 500 calorie bistro boxes from Starbucks.  I came across these while out around lunchtime the other day.  I often pick up the hummus snack plate, but was surprised to see these new additions.  I had the sesame noodles/tofu box and it was delish!

2. Grab the Gold snack bars.  Best on-the-go snack ever.  They are basically like a juiced up no-bake cookie with added protein and fiber, but way less sugar, fat and calories.  These little gems are kind of hard to find (they are made in TN), but our gym sells them by the box and there are several gas stations around here that have them.  You can also order directly from the website.

3. The 80 calorie Fiber One cereal.  A whole cup of cereal for 80 calories?  Yes, please and thank you.  I have been known to make some crazy cereal creations (we’ll just say my bowls of cereal tend to contain about 5 or 6 different ingredients), but I always like to start with a high fiber, low calorie “base.”  This stuff is perfect mixed with something a little sweeter.  Lately I’ve been doing the F1 with raisin bran, sliced bananas, flax seed, almond milk and a little stevia.
Haven’t tried the 90 calorie brownies yet, but hmmm…

4. Pickles.  I mean seriously, I’m not pregnant, but I can’t get enough of these right now.  What gives?  I was beyond excited when we stopped at the new Jimmy John’s (which in itself should be on this list…the veggie sub is the best thing ever) last night and they gave me a ginormous pickle.   

5. And just so this entire list is not consumed with food….We are below the 30-day mark for the start of college football.  That deserves a big fat WOO HOO!  If you live in the South, you understand how monumental this is.  If you don’t, well them I’m sorry 🙂

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