Friday’s Five Faves

Yea Friday!  Yeaaaaa weekend!!  Actually, don’t know why I’m so excited….I am the midst of finals which means my weekend will involve a whole lotta studying.  We’ll probably watch some movies here and there.  I mean, we do have a free trial of all the premium movie channels right now!  Got to take advantage of that.  We’re also contemplating finally catching a showing of Harry Potter.  Can you believe we still haven’t seen that?!  And to think we call ourselves HP fans.
Anyways, here are my faves….
Snow cones.  Since it has been 1 million (insert Dr. Evil’s pinkie to the lip and evil smirk here) degrees here, these babies have been a welcome reprise.  We have an awesome snow cone stand near us and we have been hitting it up pretty regularly. 
Cherries.  This gems are in season (and have been sale at Whole Foods), so I’ve been enjoying their sweet goodness.  They are even more fun now with the next thing on this list.
My cherry pitter.  Ingenious.  Guess I’ll have to get on that homemade cherry pie now that getting those darn pits out is a whole lot easier.
Get one here
The fact that Birkenstocks are coming back in style.  Seriously, I’ve been seeing these everywhere.  I’m kind of mad I sold all mine in our moving to B’ham sale a few years ago.  Maybe I’ll put these guys on my Christmas list…
Get them here
The laughs we get riding around town with the “crew.”  You can’t see Riley’s face in this picture.  This is because he hangs halfway out the window.  Maddux sits there like he is a person or something.  He’ll even wear a seat belt.  Then there’s Chupa sitting in the rear dash.  Quite the sight we are coming down the road.

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