Friday’s Five Faves

So excited because 1) It’s Friday, 2) I am only working a 1/2 day today, 3) College football has arrived, and 4) mom and pops are in town for the weekend!  Yea!!  The boys will be doing some golfing, mama and I will be doing some shopping, and we’ll all be doing lots of eating, visiting, playing with the pups and watching football.  Sounds like my kind of weekend!
My faves of the week…
* Jazz apples…I stumbled across these last weekend when my favorite pink lady apples were out of stock.  These were a good substitute though!  Super sweet and crunchy.  I may have found a replacement.
* Better Oats products…my new favorite breakfast oatmeal.  They come in these cute packets that also double as a measuring cup for your water.  I just dump the oats in a mug, fill the packet with hot water to the line, dump that in the mug, and heat it up.  I really like the Raw Pure and Simple brand.
* Wear your team colors day at work!

Geaux Tigers!!
Well and I guess Roll Tide…but only because I like Cassie so much 😉

* Getting an A in a class (Corporations) that I totally thought I had bombed. I almost wanted to email school and make sure they had that right, but ummm yeah, I think I’ll just take that A with a smile and handshake. Now if only I hadn’t gotten a flippin’ C+ in a class (Conflicts) that I thought I had totally conquered. As if a C wasn’t bad enough, he has to add that + just to rub it in my face that yes I was close to a B, but no cigar.

* These 3 visitors that will be here in just a couple more hours! Of course I can’t wait to see my parents, but I really can’t wait to see Kelly. Can’t believe it’s been over 2 years since we fostered her. How lucky was she to have found pretty much the best home possible? Of course, I am a little biased 😉

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