Fall, is that you??

The past 7 days have been a total blur. I feel like my parents came and went with a flash. We didn’t even running around as much as usual out of fear of being washed away by the torrential downpours, or blown to Oz by the insane winds. Hurricane Lee definitely unleashed his wrath in Alabama. But he did leave some beautiful fall weather in his wake.
Love the pretty trees!

The boys just love the cooler weather
I was a loser and didn’t take any pictures of my parents (or Kelly) while they were here.  We had fun though watching football, eating out, watching some movies and doing a lot of shopping (what else is there to do when it’s a downpour??).  I was on a mission for some new fall clothes, but ended up buying nothing but summer clothes because they were just marked down so much.  Seriously, I got 5 dresses for $100.  Can’t beat that.  Nothing a warm cardigan and a pair of boots can’t make season appropriate.
Speaking of boots….I was begging my mom for checking out some of the new Frye boots at Belk and this lady comes over to me and says “Oh don’t buy those here, you’re wasting your money.”  Oh?  “I just bought the exact same ones on EBay, brand new, in the box, for about half the price as in here.”  Ohhhhh?!  Sure enough we got home and Matt did a little search on EBay and there they were…brand new and in the box and for a much lower price.  It almost seems too good to be true and seeing as how I have never done the whole EBay thing (yes I know, I am way behind the times), I am a little skeptical.  Does this seem legit?  Are any of y’all EBay experts??

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