Friday’s Five Faves…It’s almost fall y’all!

Ahhh it’s so nice and fall-like outside!  I love it!!  The absolute best part of moving here was/is that we get to experience a real change in seasons.  I swear, my two favorite days of the year (well besides Christmas of course) is that first cooler fall day and that first warmer spring day.  We had the first fall day earlier this week and it’s been beautiful since.  I cannot wait to lace up my tennies and go for a run outside.  Sayonara you lame ole treadmill…at least until it gets really cold.
Anyways, here are my 5 favorite things about fall
* College football baby!  Is it strange that our household doesn’t do countdowns for anything else, but we have a countdown until the first college football game?  I can’t think of anything else where I literally count down the days.  Well, except maybe graduation 🙂
* Pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks!  I heard/saw that these are now in the rotation and I am fairly certain I will be making a Bucks run today to get me one.
* Favorite TV shows coming back!  Namely Modern FamilyVampire Diaries, Boardwalk Empire and Desperate Housewives.

Love this kooky family

* Candy corn!  My candy weakness.  We go a little overboard and I tend to stick it in pretty much anything I bake.  Making some brownies?  Throw in some candy corn.  Pumpkin muffins?  Candy corn makes them better.  Popcorn?  Candy corn and raisins are really yummy with some popcorn. 

* Boots!  I can’t wait to bust mine out.  I’m trying to at least wait till it’s 60 or so during the day.  I’ve also been doing a little window shopping in case Santa asks me what I want for Christmas.  I’m loving these…

Find them here

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