Paws for the Cause

Saturday was the annual Paws for the Cause 5K and fun run.  We usually bring Riley and Maddux of course, but this year we decided that it would be fun to grab a few pups from GBHS and take them on a little field trip.  R & M were disappointed, but we explained to them that sometimes it’s better to help out those less fortunate 😉  Although GBHS is one of the best shelters and they do a fabulous job taking care of the residents (not to mention all the work they do in the community), the pups rarely get to do anything or go anywhere fun.  So bright and early Saturday morning we picked up Jeremiah, Ralphy and Maggie (yes Maggie was one of our fosters and yes she is still there…long story).

A little nervous when we first got in the car

Ok this isn’t so bad!

So excited to be out and away from the kennel

Ralphy in his “Adopt Me” bandanna

Jeremiah and Maggie checking things out

Lover her 🙂

The crew!

Lovable Ralphy

Sweet faced Jeremiah
Unfortunately no one got adopted that morning, but they had such a blast and did get lots of attention.  If anyone out there is looking for a new addition to their family, these 3 are sooooo sweet and lovable.  Ralphy was brought in by animal control, Jeremiah was rescued somewhere in Chilton County, and Maggie was brought back after it didn’t work out with her adoptive family.  We were so happy when she was adoptive by a sweet older couple a few months ago, but unfortunately the husband’s health deteriorated very quickly and he is going into a nursing home and the wife just couldn’t handle everything on her own.  Sad story…both for the couple and for Maggie 😦

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