Friday’s Five Faves (on Saturday)

Yes I am a little late posting this.  I just had such a crazy day yesterday that I didn’t have time to even look at a blog, let alone write a post.  Oh well, better late than never.
* Fall is officially here, which means “Slow Cooker Saturday” is underway!  I love using my crock pot during the fall and winter and have tried to make it a habit to use it every Saturday.  This works good during football season because I can get everything ready in the morning, let it cook all day, and then we have a yummy dinner to eat while we watch the night games.  I started the season off right with my favorite veggie chili and cornbread.  I’ll get the recipe up on my recipe blog a little later.  It’s so gooooood.
* Open windows.  So happy to finally be able to turn that AC off and get some fresh air.  I wonder if the neighbors can smell my chili wafting in the air….
* Sweet little Jack sleeping (while sitting up) in the sun.
* The fact that we bought a large bag of candy corn last weekend and we still have some left today.  This is feat I tell you and should not go unrecognized.
* And finally, just to make you laugh, this cute video I received this week of Denver the very guilty dog.  I swear Riley does this exact same thing when he has been busted.  Hilarious…

One thought on “Friday’s Five Faves (on Saturday)

  1. Poor Denver!!! I almost cried watching that video!!! He looks like he thought he was gonna get beat or something!!!!!! And, btw, both of my boys came up behind me while I was watching the video and said, “is that dog talking???” LOL!


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