Show Us Your Life: Pets!

So today on Kelly’s Korner Blog the S.U.Y.L. topic is “Show Us Your Pets.”  You know I had to link up for this topic!  Lord knows I love my fur babies!  Without further adieu, here they are in all their glory…

Riley and Maddux!
Riley George McWilliams
Riley is a labradoodle.  I got him my junior year of college at USF when he was just a baby.  I was actually watching the Today Show one morning (back in 2002) and they did a segment on the labradoodle on how they were being bred and used for service dogs.  Obviously a mix between a lab and a poodle makes for a very intelligent dog, which Riley certainly is.  Anyways, I was completely fascinated with this mix and started trying to find one.  It took a year to find Riley, but he was soooo worth the wait.  
When I finally got him he went and lived the college co-ed life with me.  It was just Riley and me for a few years before Matt came in to the picture.  I’ve told this story before, but it was so funny because during my “dating phase” the determining factor of whether a guy would make a 2nd date was always how they acted towards Riley.  If they didn’t seem to like dogs or insulted Riley, they got the boot.  Matt accepted Riley right from the start, and vice versa, so he got to stick around 🙂
Maddux McWilliams (a/k/a “Maddie Lou”)
Maddux is an Australian shepherd.  Actually, Maddux was supposed to be a miniature Australian shepherd, but I’m pretty sure we got a little duped on that one.  There is nothing miniature about Maddux.  
You talkin’ about me?
Maddux came around after Matt and I had been dating for about 6 months and were getting pretty serious.  It was 2005, he was living in KY and flew down to FL for Christmas.  We had been talking about getting another dog (Matt had never had one of his own) and had come across a farm that had Maddux.  Matt flew in to Tampa and we drove out to the sticks to pick up baby Maddux.  Matt stayed in FL for a few days and we attempted to get Riley and Maddux acquainted.  Riley was not interested.  At all.
Doesn’t Riley just looked thrilled about his new brother? As you
can see, I am literally forcing him to sit next to Maddux.
Riley wanted nothing to do with the little butterball and was so happy when they flew back to KY.  Then a couple weeks later, Matt and Maddux made the permanent move to FL.  It took a little while, but Riley eventually came around.  Now these 2 are completely inseparable.

Love my boys!
Of course we usually have a foster pup running around, like Jack.  We love being able to foster for GBHS.  Most of these babies would just be euthanized, so it’s a great feeling to know that we are giving them a second chance.  So far ALL of our fosters have found loving homes after they leave foster care!  You can go back and read about a lot of our fosters.  Matt and I especially have a soft spot for the older dogs because when they are surrendered or picked up, they are usually the ones that get euthanized since the chances of someone adopting an older dog are pretty slim.  It’s our dream to be able to take in lots of older dogs and provide them with a couple good years before they pass on.  Hopefully someday…

Do you have pets that you just adore?  If so, link up and tell us about them!

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