Friday’s Five Faves

Happy Friday!  Happy November!  Happy Turkey (or Tofurkey in my case) Month!  I love November because it really feels like the start of the holiday season.  I wonder how soon I can convince Matt to let me bust out the Christmas decorations??
My faves for this chilly week…
* My newest concoction at Starbucksgrande coffee with soy milk (or skim if you prefer), 1 pump sugar-free peppermint and 1 pump mocha.  I love the Skinny Peppermint Mocha Latte at Starbucks, but it is still around 170 calories (for the grande), so to save calories, I’ve started ordering this.  I actually like it better!  And around 50 calories, it’s much more reasonable.
* Willpower.  I have had approximately 2 mini Snickers, 2 rolls of Smarties, 1 Fun Size Twizzlers, and 1 Fun Size Skittles TOTAL during the Halloween week.  Pretty darn proud of myself considering we have a huge plastic pumpkin sitting in the break room at work that continues to be re-filled with leftover Halloween candy. 
Devil in an orange dress
* Frederic Fekkai Advanced Moisture Mask.  This is one of the best moisture/repair treatments I have ever used on my hair.  Although it is also the priciest item I have ever used, you only have to use a little bit at a time, so a jar goes a long way.  You can buy the regular size treatment here, but a little tip…I bought a 3 piece “sample set” (shampoo, conditioner, and the treatment) at CVS for $26.  I love the shampoo and conditioner too, so if you see this at your local CVS, snatch it up.
* All the hype of this LSU/AL game.  What?  You didn’t hear about this certain game happening Saturday night?  You’d have to be living under a rock not to know.  Try living in the middle of crimson country during all this hoopla.
Just pretend the “blue” dot is a really a “purple” dot.  That’s me right now.  Although I am technically a red dot as well, but I also live in a red state.  Have I totally confused you yet?
* Tonight’s class being cancelled!  Oh how I love a chance to just go home after a long week of work rather than spend 2 hours in bar review, on a Friday night nonetheless.  Do I smell a fire in the fireplace, a good movie, and take-out?  I think so.  Hint, hint Matt… 

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