Baton Rouge comes to Birmingham

Since we have transplanted to the middle of the great state of Alabama, we have gained wonderful friends who are split in to 2 distinct groups….one group dresses in orange and navy and the other dresses in crimson and houndstooth.  We have good friends in both wardrobe attires and we love them equally.
However, when it came to the game of the century (the whole 11 years of it), we had to stick with our Aubies.  It was simply the smart thing to do.  Especially when they decided to throw an official Unofficial Hate Bama Party.  I mean, I’m not one to hate, but I’m also not one to mess with college football rivalries in this state.  Just don’t.  We’ll just say that we had a house full of die-hard Auburn fans decked out in LSU purple and gold.  Jeremy had downloaded the band songs (as well as some authentic zydeco cajun music) and we taught them all the cheers and the dances.  Oh, and we had a cajun feast fit for Bodreaux himself.  It was oh so fun!
Mary Leah and I…notice ML’s garter and my stylin’ yellow tights

Some of the crew


Rodney with his homemadejambalaya (and pimpin’ jacket)


Not a bad little set-up for watching a game, huh?

Matt and TR

9-6 baby!!

Alleman’s winning field goal

Love our good-sport Auburn friends!

And just because they are cute..

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