What’s been going on?

The holidays are in full swing.  We’ve been pretty nonstop these past few weeks.  We’ve hosted a little Christmas dinner for a small group of friends, gone to our famously infamous work Christmas party (mind you we were 3 hours late because I had to take a grueling Wills exam beforehand…grrrr), I’ve gone to see The Nutcracker with Cassie and her sweet sister and mother, and I’ve had some fun dinner dates with friends.  The house has been decorated since before Thanksgiving and we’ve been enjoying the sparkle and lights for almost a month now.  I’ve even gotten my Christmas cards out!  What have I not done?  Christmas shopping.  Like, I have not bought one present yet.  Not.one.single.present.  Oh, and I have to mail most of them as well.  So they may get there by St. Patrick’s Day.  Maybe.
On a funny note (forewarning…a picture of dog poo is about to follow), the pups decided to leave us an early Christmas present under the tree the other day….

(I repeat, a picture of dog poo is about to follow)…


Nestled among the colorful wrapped presents we have…some lovely poo

We’re not entirely sure who the guilty culprit is…

  Was it this guy?

Or was it this guy??

Or maybe it was the newcomer?

Mind you, whoever did this actually had to back up and squat under the branches in order to do this.  This took some planning and careful maneuvering to even get this exact angle.  I’m both impressed and disturbed.

Moving on.

I have two more finals this week, and then hopefully I can get moving on this whole present debacle. I hate how finals always fall right in line with Christmas preparations. All I really want to do is enjoy this special time of year and all the fun that comes along with it, but I’ve been devoting a good bit of time to studying. However, this is the LAST Christmas where I will be studying for final exams. Next Christmas I will have no exams to deal with and no studying to worry about. Unless of course I end up going to medical school or something. I kid, I kid (Matt may have just had a minor stroke reading that).

Other than that, we are probably celebrating my birthday this coming weekend. My actual birthday is on Wednesday, but celebrating in the middle of a work week is hardly feasible, so we’ll celebrate early and then go to our church’s Christmas service on my actual birthday, which is what we have done for the past 3 years now. Did I mention I am turning 30? How did that happen? I am fairly certain that I was building forts in the living room with my Rainbow Bright sheets and my best friend Teddy Ruxpin just yesterday….

One thought on “What’s been going on?

  1. I am SOOOOO laughing out loud right now!!!!! I just had to show Bryan the picture of the poo! He and I BOTH said that the look on Riley's face (the white dog…I think i'm right on his name) has GUILT written all over it!!!! And, I noticed you didn't get the newcomer to wear a hat 😦 I guess he didn't want to….On a side note…if we ever get another dog after Biscuit, I'm totally getting a Riley dog!!! Is he a labradoodle??? We could get one now and name it Butter and we'd have Butter Biscuit!!! LOL!!


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