30 Goals for the Next 30 Years (or, why turning 30 suddenly makes you realize all the things you haven’t yet accomplished)

Thirty?  I’m thirty??  How did this happen?!?!  I do like to think that having accomplished so much during my 30 years of existence, there will be many more things to accomplish in my next (hopefully) 30 years.  Truth be told, turning 30 has really just made me think, crap, I still haven’t done blah, blah, blah yet.  Goals are important though, right?
In no particular order, my goals for the next 30 years
* Be a mom
* Drive cross country in an RV with Matt, the dogs, and whoever (whatever) is part of our family at the time
* Run a marathon
* Live in a BIG city (NYC???)  for a few years, just to experience it
* Live on a farm and raise a family there
* Start an animal sanctuary/rescue on said farm
* Graduate law school and pass the bar
* Find a job that I absolutely love
* Go overseas, preferably to Paris
* Learn a new language (preferably for whenever I go overseas)
* Learn how to knit or crochet, or something equally old ladyish
* See the sunrise from a mountain top
* Do a detox
* Own a ridiculously expensive pair of hot shoes (I’m talking about you Mr. Louboutin)
* Continue to fit in to my favorite pair of jeans (give or take some leniency of course)
* Fall in love with Matt more and more everyday
* Save more moolah
* Adopt/rescue a pet pig
* Perfect a homemade apple pie
* Decide on a perfume and stick with it so I can have a “signature scent”
* Go camping for real…no tent, no bathrooms, no running water, etc.
* Set aside specific time every day for prayer and devotion and not just try to fit it in somewhere
* Get an outrageously decadent mattress and equally decadent sheets
* Organize my insane amount of recipes into a binder of some sorts
* Take a vacation all.by.myself.
* Learn how to sew
* Own a cherry red, sporty convertible
* Do one thing everyday that makes me feel good
* Do one thing everyday that makes someone else feel good
* Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in ALL circumstances
Think I can accomplish all this in the next 30 years??  I’m certainly going to try.  Cheers to turning 30!  I suppose it’s not that bad.  After all…”Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.”
    Cheers to the next 30 years…may they be as blessed as these 30 have been!       

4 thoughts on “30 Goals for the Next 30 Years (or, why turning 30 suddenly makes you realize all the things you haven’t yet accomplished)

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