Top Movies of 2011

I love this little movie list that US Weekly comes out with in December every year.  We always cut the list out, post it on our fridge, and make a point to see them all, although we have a lot of movie watching to do to get caught up!  US Weekly knows where it’s at as far as what they consider to be the “best.”  None of that weird crap. 
Top 10 Movies of 2011 (according to US Weekly in the 12/23/11 issue)…
#1 The Descendants (DYING to see this, if anything, for the Hawaiian scenery)
#2 The Artist (errr, this is a silent about a silent film…the only one on the list I may have to force myself to watch)
#3 Moneyball (supposedly this is on of Brad Pitt’s best performances)
#4 Melancholia (Kiersten Dunst as a manic bride in a apocalyptic drama…hmm, interesting)
#5 Bridesmaids (HILARIOUS)
#6 War Horse (ok, I don’t know how I will watch this…supposedly the horse beatings/killings are horrendous to watch and I can barely make it through Marley and Me)
#7 The Help (loved the book, loved the movie)
#8 50/50 (this is the one where Joseph Gordon-Levitt has terminal cancer, although I think the movie is actually a comedy of sorts)
#9 Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (going to try and read the book first)
#10 Like Crazy (sappy love story, but it’s actually the one I most want to see most)
Honorable Mentions: My Week with Marilyn, Ides of March, The Muppets, Midnight in Paris
Have y’all seen any of these?  What were your favorite movies of the year?  All I want to know is why in the heck Breaking Dawn: Part 1 isn’t on here 😉

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