Rock Band, Jesus Juice and Chickens…

We had fun at Matt’s softball get together this past Saturday.  The poor hosts probably thought that we would all be out of their lovely home by 9:00 or so, but no, we rolled out of there around midnight.  Their 3 kids were still going strong…no doubt because we made it next to impossible for them to sleep.  Wild and crazy we are.
The night involved amazing food, lots of laughing, some tasty cocktail called “Jesus Juice” (which I think consisted of vodka, grape juice and ginger ale), and Rock Band, which became considerably more entertaining after a glass or 2 of the purple stuff. 

We get a little into it

Rodney’s concentration face cracks me up here

My mediocre rendition of “Rehab”

See what I mean about keeping the poor children up?  This is what happens when adults, Jesus Juice and innocent children mix up.

Oh, and they totally had chickens.  In their back yard.  It was awesome.

So basically we ate a lot of food, drank some purple holy water, battled with plastic medieval weapons, played Rock Band and harassed some chickens.  You know, just a typical Saturday night in Alabama.

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