Friday’s Five Faves

Hello mates!  Happy Friday!!  This was my first regular, 5-day work week in awhile.  It was kind of rough.  Plus I started back to classes.  Double blow.  I’m sure y’all are fully aware of this considering that my life basically revolves around Matt, our dogs, food, and *itching and moaning about law school, but I feel the need to officially state that this is my last semester of law school(Key angels and choir singing here).  Be prepared to hear a lot more of this in the coming months.
Any-who, on to my faves of the week…
* Skinny Girl Margarita Mix.  It’s a low calorie pre-mixed margarita (there are other flavors too) and it’s gooood.  A tad on the strong side for light weight weenies like me, so I add a little Sprite Zero, but I love it.  It seems like most liquor stores are carrying it these days, but you can always check availability online.
* Annie’s Homegrown Snack Mixes.  Matt and I are addicted this stuff.  My favorite night time snack is to mix a 1/2 cup of this with a mini bag of low fat popcorn.  So good.
* Good  How have I not known about this website until recently?!  It’s awesome!  Just sign up and start rating books you have read and it spits out recommendations based on your preferences.
* This is technically 4 in 1, but we have seen some great movies this past week…The Debt, Margin Call, Moneyball, and Warrior.  All four were excellent, although Warrior really made me want to jump on the couch like Tom Cruise on Oprah.  Just click on each movie to get a little synopsis and then have a movie watching weekend.
* And while we are on the topic of movies, I am dying for this one to come out…The Lucky One based off of Nicholas Sparks’ best selling book.  This is one of my favorite books by him and the movie trailer is looking like a winner…see below.

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