Golden Globes

Did everyone watch the Golden Globes last night??  I love this awards show because it includes both television and movie nominations.  Plus it always seems to be a little less stuffy.  I started at 4:00 sharp with the red carpet pre-show on E.  That’s really my favorite part anyways…seeing the dresses and watching the candid interviews.  I thought the dresses were pretty amazing this year.  A few of my favorites…
Favorite all around dress…and actress

Most flattering style for the body…and the color is amazing

Most classy

Most surprising “I clean up well” look

Best edgy…I love that she stayed true to her bad mammer jammer role

Favorite color

Favorite all-over amazing look…love the dress, shoes, head band, everything
(All photos via People)
There are still a lot of “award worthy” movies that we have not yet seen, so I can’t really judge all the winners one way or the other.  I was annoyed with how many times The Artist was called out.  Is it really that good?  I was most happy about Octavia Spencer for Best Supporting Actress in The Help, Jessica Lange for Best Supporting Actress (Television Series) in American Horror Story, and Michelle Williams for Best Actress (Musical or Comedy) in My Week with Marilyn (her acceptance speech was sweet too).  Of course I was happy that Modern Family won Best Television Comedy, but seriously, what else could top that hilarious show?  You can see the full list of winners here.
A few other snap shots from the weekend…
Maddux intently watching when the little dog from The Artist went onstage

Officially celebrating 5 years at dinner on Saturday night

Patiently waiting on daddy to come home from golfing on Sunday

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