Friday’s Five Faves (and someone special’s birthday…)

* Morningstar Farms Veggie Meatballs…just another yummy addition to the Morningstar rotation.  I plan to use them as a sub in this recipe over the weekend.

* Suri’s Burn Book (yes, we are talking about that Suri)…quite possibly one of the most hilarious blogs I have come across.  The “About Me” description speaks for itself…A study in Suri and the people who disappoint her.  You.will.die.


* Being groovy and walking in Starbucks with my own refillable travel mug.  How very environmentally savvy of me.  For whatever reason I feel like Mother Nature herself (a/k/a Alicia Silverstone) when I walk up to the counter and inform them that I brought my own, thanks.

* Also, at Starbucks, the new Blonde Roast“Lighter-bodied and mellow, Starbucks Blonde Roast coffees awaken the senses gently. They’re subtle and soft with mellow acidity, and deliver an approachable and flavorful cup with slight hints of roast.”  A little lighter, a little nuttier, and a little more flavorful.  Good stuff.


And most importantly….

* Baby brother’s birthday!  Logan, you are 25 years old today!  Good grief we are old.  I am jealous because you will always be 5 years younger than me.  For most of our childhood I was always so happy to be the older sibling, but now it’s just depressing.  Funny how that works huh?  Anyways, I wish you the happiest of happy birthdays!!


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