Meet Brodie!

So with all the chaos of Orphan Annie and Andy, I forgot to introduce you to our newest little foster…Brodie!
How sweet are those big eyes?
Brodie was brought in, severely underweight and infested with flea bites, which he was also highly allergic to, and basically hairless.  Poor little guy!  He almost looked like one of those Chinese Crested dogs.  Our job is to get his weight up and get some hair back on that naked body.  The weight part should not be a problem.  Brodie Man is an eating machine.  As soon as he inhales his own bowl of food, he’s got his nose right up in Riley’s bowl trying to eat his food.  He’s already put on a few l.b.’s.  The hair is slowly coming back, but he looks pretty pitiful right now.

Already made himself right at home

He loves to snuggle on the couch, go for walks, look out the front window, ride in the car, and eat anything we’ll give him.  Besides his regular dog food and treats, he LOVES apple and banana slices.  He’s potty trained and gets along great with R & M.  He will make a really nice inside pet for someone in a few weeks 🙂

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