#FebPhotoADay: My Handwriting

Law school has ruined my handwriting.  It used to be sooooo neat and precise.  The need to take massive amounts of notes and basically put the entire Alabama code into one essay exam has made my stellar writing resemble that of a drunk doctor.  Whatever.
Here is my grocery list…
FYI, “Matt lunches” means frozen burritos and Clif bars.  And “canned mushs” are canned mushrooms.  Good thing I do all my own shopping.
Have you also noticed how certain pens can totally make you handwriting amazing?  Matt and I have been known to steal pens when we are signing receipts at restaurants and what not.  A good pen can be life changing.  This pen actually came from hell on earth the Bessemer DMV.  They deserved to have their cool pen stolen.  Seriously.  They took about 8 years of my life when I had to spend an afternoon there JUST to be told that I would need to wait in another 3+ hour line.  Any-who, another blog post, another day.  At least I got their cool pen.  Suckers.

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