Friday’s Five Faves

So I totally slacked with the #FebPhotoADay Challenge.  You know what though?  I just didn’t really like it.  And I’ve just been kind of a slacker.  Oh well. 
I am, however, liking that today is Friday, we have relatively no commitments for the weekend, and after closing a crazy huge deal at work, we are being rewarded with reduced hours all next week!  Yea!!  (On another note, we are suppose to be getting some crazy bad weather so please say a prayer for NO TORNADOES…they scare the bejesus out of me)
What else am I loving this week??
* Moon Pie minis.  Enough said.
* This somewhat naughty of a sandwich…peanut butter fluff.  Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff spread on good whole wheat (I like slicing a banana on there too) and grilled with a little butter (just like a grilled cheese).  So yummy. 
My PB of choice is the freshly ground one from Whole Foods and I love the “Mighty Kids” whole wheat bread in their bakery.
* This lovely little (and easy) date tip to keep the spark alive….read over at one of my favorite blogs. I totally have to agree that meeting Matt at the bar/restaurant after work is so much more exciting 😉 Try it next time!

* This hilarious video that I have watched no less than 10 times.  If you have young kids, they will looooove this.  I sure hope Sesame Street is still around when we have kids.

* Turning in my graduation application and cap/gown order this week.  Is this really happening?  Am I really about to graduate in 2 months?  I keep having this horrible feeling that something is going to go wrong and this is not going to really happen.  You know, like they are suddenly going to realize I am missing some credits, or I didn’t really pass that exam, or aliens are going to beam down and take over the world like in Signs.

You know that is the creepiest scene ever

One thought on “Friday’s Five Faves

  1. I had a vanilla Moonpie for the first time in YEARS this week! ha! I loved every minute that was spent eating it. 🙂 I'm praying for no tornadoes, too…..I'm scared to death right now!!!!!


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