Over the Weekend (March 2 – 4)

We enjoyed a lovely low key weekend and were glad to rest and recharge a little.  I am happy to report that the apocalyptic storm of Friday night was not so bad.  Besides some crazy hail and a pretty spectacular lightning show, we faired pretty well.
Golf ball size hail
If you have seen pictures of some other parts of the south, you know that not all were so lucky, so please keep those people in your prayers.  Our KY family and friends spent a lot of time in their bathrooms and basements Friday night.  Those tornadoes are so scary.
We went to watch the Duke/UNC game with our sweet friends on Saturday night.  It was a house divided…

Except for Matt and me of course, who are neutral when it comes to teams other than our own:)

My $15 margarita
Now about this $15 margarita…
I am normally not a margarita fan.  I do not like “fruity” drinks, and if it’s not wine (or the occasional martini), I tend to avoid it.  However, I love the “skinny” margaritas at Bonefish and Cucina Superior, which are both made with Sauza (which is a very good white tequila).  So when we were out on Saturday, I asked the bartender if they had Sauza.  They did not.  So I requested something that would be similar to that.  She said Patron.  Ok, I’ll have a margarita made with Patron. 
(I actually got the stink eye for this and was informed that Patron was usually ordered “on the rocks” with an orange slice.  My bad for not wanting to be a lush.  I would probably be under the table or possibly dancing on it if I ever drank tequila on the rocks). 
The our bill came.  My Patron margarita was $15!  Mind you we were at a sports bar where you seat yourself and smoking is allowed at the bar.  My dinner entree was a $5 grilled cheese.  In other words, it wasn’t some classy joint.  Matt was not very happy with me.  The margarita was good though.
Movies watched this weekend (in the order of preference)…
Martha Marcy May Marlene

In Time

Martha Marcy May Marlene is a little disturbing, but really good, and Elizabeth Olsen’s performance is amazing.  In time was action packed and also very good.  Anonymous was just OK, but an interesting story.
And my babies…just because they are cute…

Just chillin’

Whatcha want?

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