Friday’s Five Faves

TGIF friends!  I so enjoyed my reduced hours this week at work.  Since the weather has been so fabulous (until today), I loved getting home early enough for a nice, long walk.  I wish I could do that everyday.  It’s amazing what some fresh air and sunshine can do for your psychological well being.  I get so caught up in the rat race and my crazy schedule that I never seem to take time to enjoy the simple things.  This is something I am going to work on when school is over.
My faves of the week….
* I am just loving The Voice so much!  This is the only show that I do not DVR because I literally can’t wait and have to watch it the second it comes on.  If you are not watching this, you are missing out.  Here is my favorite performance from the Battle Rounds this past Monday…
{I totally just threw that in because the rest of this list is food related.  Why does this always seem to be the case?} 
* Annie’s Rising Crust frozen pizzas.  We saw these in the freezer section at Whole Foods and decided to try.  Best frozen pizza ever!  It tastes homemade.  We get the spinach mushroom because it’s the only veggie one they have so far, but I’m sure the others are good.
* My new go-to bakery treat…dump a box of cake mix (I like strawberry best) in a bowl and slowly add 20 oz. diet soda (Sprite Zero, Diet Cherry 7-Up, whatever makes sense). Mix very well. Divide among 15-20 muffin tins (that have paper liners in them). Bake at 350 for about 20 mins (according to package directions). Let cool completely. Take 1/2 a container whipped cream cheese icing and whip it up some more so it’s good and fluffy. Frost cupcakes. Eat em’ up.
* Cadbury eggs.  Soooo naughty, but since they only come around once a year, I don’t feel too guilty.  I like to keep them in the fridge, cut them in half, eat one half, and save the other for later.  As with most sweets, if I can just have a taste, I’m usually satisfied.
* Peanut butter.  I am seriously going through like a jar a week.  That is all.
P.S. My favorite peanut butters are Naturally More, Justin’s, and the fresh ground one from Whole Foods.

One thought on “Friday’s Five Faves

  1. Glad you like the cupcakes!! I have found that is the best way to make this recipe points-friendly. 24 cupcakes are 3 points each. I have experimented with so many different cake mixes and soft drinks! A new favorite: mix any white cake mix (white, vanilla, etc) with cream soda and a handful of frozen blueberries. Bake the same way. It comes out really yummy and moist! Cream soda or diet will have the same points value. I have also reduced the soda from 20oz (the original recipe) to 12 and I think it works much better. The cake lasts a bit longer before it goes mushy.



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