Spring shopping

So I am doing a little shopping this weekend.  I need to do some updating.  I cleaned out my closet and filled a ginormous box of out-dated/doesn’t-fit/faded/just-don’t-like-you-anymore-probably-because-you-just-don’t-look-good-on-me-anymore-clothes.  I also had some I’m-30-now-and-really-can’t-be-wearing-tube-tops-anymore items.  In other words, I am on a mission for some classy, age appropriate things that I can wear to both work and on date night.
I even made a list.  See…
I have some very practical things on there (black heels, khakis, nude flats), but I have also added some trendy things (bright wedges, colored skinnies).  I am for sure stocking up on the Sunwash tees from Any Taylor Loft and some pretty lightweight cardigans from JCrew.  I can also grab my very favorite khakis while I am there.
As for what the “experts” are saying are the trends of the season, see below…

Polka dots

Pink shorts

Flowy dresses



Colored skinny jeans
I like these trends and think they are all pretty wearable.  The jury is still out about whether I will really attempt the colored skinnies like above.  I am kind of digging that peachy color though…

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