Over the Weekend….via Instagram

What an incredibly beautiful weekend!  I love spring!  I hope this spring weather sticks around for awhile before the summer temps start to set in.  I could sure get used to sunshine and 70s.  
We enjoyed celebrating Mary Leah’s birthday this weekend (including surprising her at dinner Friday night!), hanging outside, doing a little shopping, church and just relaxing watching basketball (as you can imagine…someone is a just a little excited right now with UK heading to the Sweet 16).  I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend as well!  Here are a few snaps from what we were up to…

 {1. Spring, 2. Who me??, 3. Riley in “hunting mode”, 4. Star light star bright…}

 {1. Happy Birthday ML!, 2. The group, 3. Volree and Leanne, 4. Love these girls…}

{1. Jen and ML after the big surprise, 2. The Wade’s, 3. Matt, Rodney, Nick and Jeremy}

{1. Good times, 2. Rodney and his very surprised wife, 3. Love…}

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