Friday’s Five Faves

* First and foremost, I went to my last regular law school class last night.  Last one people.  I also skipped out early, which is kind of ironic considering I have suffered through almost 4 years of classes, yet couldn’t make it through those final 2 hours.  Oh well.  Two final exams next week, and I am dunzo.
* I know I have posted about a lot of wines lately (don’t judge me), but this is another good organic selection we discovered this week…Our Daily Red.  Probably most comparable to a pinot noir.  It’s light and easy to drink and at $8 a bottle, a pretty good bang for your buck.  For whatever reason, I like to put 1 ice cube in it {I know…wine connoisseurs everywhere are aghast with disbelief at reading that}.
* My new cook book, and getting this close to the Pioneer Woman during her recent tour stop in B’ham for said cookbook…
Why did I not get to actually meet her?  Because this was my ticket #…
After waiting in line for a couple hours (and possibly taking a margarita detour next door at Cucina Superior), they were only on #100.  I mean, I love me some PW and all, but patience is something I severely lack in.  Oh well, the cookbook is awesome.
* Going to see The Hunger Games tonight with my main squeeze.  So excited!!
May the odds be ever in your favor…
* And finally, it’s Easter weekend, the Master’s are on, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous, we’re spending time with friends, and Sunday we will reflect on and celebrate the greatest gift we could have ever received.  I hope all of you have a blessed weekend as well!

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