Mid Week Update

I literally just left my last law school exam!!!!!!!!!
I really wanted to buy myself a drink, but seeing as how it was the middle of the day and I had to go to the office for a few hours, I decided to buy myself some frozen yogurt…
Mmmm, TCBY
Did y’all see The Voice last night (well, and Monday night too)??  Cannot believe that Jessie got sent home!  What was Christina thinking?!  I was skeptical when he came out with Beyonce’s Halo, but wow, did he ever blow that out of the park…


I really liked Chris’s performance too…
And I’m sorry, but I’m so glad RaeLynn got sent home.  Girlfriend just tries a little too hard with that country twang.  I mean, I live in the middle of Alabama, around people that have lived here their whole lives, and no one sounds that country.  Can’t wait for next week because I love Tony Luca and little Pip 🙂
I forgot to post these pics of this sweet, little girl we took to Auburn for open heart surgery the other day…
All smiles after surgery

Check out that scar!
Addison is one of the shelter dogs at GBHS.  Recently it was discovered that she had a heart defect.  As you may know, Auburn University has a top rated vet school and one of their vets graciously agreed to perform the surgery on little Addison free of charge!  Now she is back recovering at GBHS and will soon be up for adoption.
Happy Hump Day!!

One thought on “Mid Week Update

  1. OMG…I'm so glad RaeLynn got sent home too. I couldn't stand her voice…definitely tried too hard and it was getting worse as the show went on!


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