Over the Weekend…via Instagram

We had such a fun weekend!  My first one where I didn’t have ANY school to think about in the upcoming week!  I can’t even describe to y’all how awesome that felt.  We spent lots of time outdoors, did some work around the house, watched movies (FYI, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was awesome), and went bowling with friends.  Some pics from the last few days…
Been together for 7 years and this was the first time we ever went bowling

The girls…Volree, Mary Leah, Lori and Leanne

Volree and ML

Don’t know what’s up with the eyes

Some action shots.  Yes, I have impeccable bowling form 😉

Cool and shoes and cheap pitchers of beer are mandatory for a true bowling experience

The group

Enjoying Earth Day with a hike and the “crew”

Half through the hike, Maddux decided he had enough and just popped a squat
Lunch at Vizzini’s Winery and an intriguing cocktail that we loved at Chuy’s
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend too!  Here’s to a hopefully very quick week.  Someone special is celebrating a birthday this coming weekend 🙂

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