Friday’s Five Faves…Special Birthday Edition!

Today someone very special is celebrating a birthday…..
In honor of his special day, my 5 Favorite Things about Matt….
1. How he can completely turn a bad day in to a great one with a thoughtful word, a hug, or a laugh (or icecream…)
2. He helps out around the house, dishes, trash, vacuum, you name it
3. He loves animals!
4. He “gossips” with me (this really just means that he lets me go on and on about something and listens intensely even if he could care less, but still, he always acts interested in what I have to say)
5. He puts effort in to our marriage and I know it’s just as important to him as me that we always be happily married rather than just married
So happy to spend this life with you Matt!  You make each and every day a little brighter and a little sweeter.  Happy Birthday to you and here’s to many, many more!!

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