Guide to Birmingham Day 4: Favorite Sweet Spots

We love dessert spots about as much as we love happy hour 🙂
* Mountain Brook and/or Edgewood Creamery.  All I have to say is…Only 8.  I’m addicted to this low calorie fro-yo.  Granted I usually get it in one of their homemade waffle cones, but I figure that the healthy yogurt cancels makes up for it.
* Gigi’s Cupcakes.  Love stopping in here for a cupcake or 10.  I personally think they have the best ones in town.  The champagne and the wedding cake flavors are to die for.
* Yogurt Lab.  This self serve/unlimited toppings yogurt bar won us over with their crumbled up Ashley Mac’s strawberry cake and brownies.  We have a ton of these yogurt bars in town, but this is our favorite one.  The owner’s are really wonderful Christians too (they are closed on Sundays like Chikfila), so I like giving them the business.
* Speaking of…Ashley Mac’s has the BEST strawberry cake, brownies, coconut cake…everything is wonderful!  I remember when they were just getting this business started and would be giving out samples at the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market.  So happy that the business has taken off. I love visiting their new(er) cafe in Cahaba Heights.
* Whole Foods bakery.  Everything here is amazing.  We especially love their cookies, gelato and cupcake bites.  They have a full service bakery and will pretty much create and make anything you could possibly want, and will follow any special dietary guidelines (gluten free, vegan, sugar free, whatever) you may need.  
* Yo-Yo Donuts in Homewood.  Go check out this cute little place for some delicious donuts and all kinds of other pastries and treats.  The owners are so sweet and so appreciative of their customers.  Love supporting small, local businesses!
* Johnny Rockets for old fashioned milk shakes.  They are thick, yummy, and just awesome.  Sometimes you just need the real deal.

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