This one time…at the YMCA pool…

(There was an American Pie marathon on yesterday.  Those movies still crack me up.)
This is the only picture I have from the long weekend….
This is because it’s pretty much all we did:)  
Granted I may not be able to show my face at the Hoover YMCA pool ever again.  We’ll just say that I had a slight bathing suit malfunction on quite possibly the busiest pool day of the year.  Yeah…not good.  I love the affordable suits from Target, but obviously cheap is not comparable to sturdy.  
Besides that little debaucle, the weekend was fabulous.  The hours spent on bar review couldn’t even put a damper on it.  Date night, lots of pool time, several walks with the pups, impromptu ice cream trips, cooking (recipes to follow soon), yoga, movie watching (Woman in BlackDolphin Tail and Texas Killing Fields (all pretty good) and snuggling with my boys.  I love long weekends…

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