Friday’s Five Faves

So what’s been going on?  A whole lotta this…
That, my friends, is a first class ticket to the loony bin my bar review stuff and what I am spending 5 hours a day with.  It’s funny how graduating law school can make you feel like a smarty pants, but then studying for this 3-day monstrosity can make you feel like an idiot.  I’ve got myself a nice little schedule though and I am determined to rock this beast come July. 
Moving right along, some faves….
* I am L.O.V.I.N.G. my Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.  There hasn’t been one recipe we have tried and not liked (Matt can totally vouch for the meaty dishes).  This week we made the Summer Stir Fry from the book…delicious!  I highly recommend purchasing this…it’s probably one of my favorite cookbooks I own.
* This post over at A Cup of Joe is so great (and if you don’t follow her blog, you need to).  I love the honesty of it and I really loved what her husband had to say about our habit of putting too much weight on the negative things and underrating the positives.  So simple, but so true!
* The Frye Company has handbags now.  Aye, aye, aye.  This should be more on a “Wish List” type post, but I am fairly certain if I had one of these beautiful bags, it would be a favorite 
* Did you watch the Hatfields and McCoys 3-part series last week?  It was really good.  You can still catch in on-demand (History channel) and I definitely recommend it.
* This nifty (and easy) little trick for fresh pickles…slice a few cucumbers real thin, put them in a jar with sliced onions, cover them with a little water, a little sugar, salt and white distilled vinegar, and let them sit for 3 days.  Fresh, homemade pickles that are so, so good!
Have a fabulous weekend!!

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