Over the Weekend (or, that one time I did something other than study for the stupid bar…)

Yep, we went out Friday night.  Just like the good ole’ days, before I had to study during all my free time, or before I had to go to sleep early on Friday night in anticipation of getting up Saturday morning to study.  I consumed a lot of sweet treats and even had a couple glasses of wine, and you know, I still felt OK Saturday morning and was able to commence my usual study routine.  Win-Win.  I just may try this again next Friday night.  Maybe.
I took all of 2 pictures…
Matt and me

Cassie and me (sorry about your crazy eyes Cassie!)
The rest of the weekend was spent in the library or snuggled up on the couch, relaxing with my boys (which was OK considering the horrendous weather we are having right now).  Well, and we did go to church, and picked up this guy…
Creighton looks a little scared here, but I promise he warmed up fast
We are doggy sitting while our friends frolic in Cancun for a week.  Just a little jealous…
Hope your weekend was a good one!

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