Over the Weekend {Meet Miley!}

We got a new foster pup on Saturday…Miss Miley!
Do you see a resemblance?
I mean seriously…what was she thinking?!  You are marrying Liam Hemsworth.  This is not acceptable for a future Mrs. Hemsworth.
Ok, now back to the dog.  Our Miley was found on the streets of Bessemer (a city with a baaaaad reputation for strays and abuse).  Normally GBHS does not take in strays, but Miley was so sweet and well mannered that they decided to bring her in.  She’s underweight and heartworm positive, which seems to be the condition Matt and I specialize in.  She is very sweet and loving.  Smart too.  She’ll make a good family dog in a few months when she’s healthy and ready for adoption.
Besides getting Miley acclimated, we spent lots of time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather!  Not quite fall weather, but a little cooler nonetheless.  Got me excited for some football! 
I took a couple morning runs…
Love our city…
And we enjoyed sitting out on the patio at Chuy’s Saturday night…

We watched a couple decent movies tooo…We Need to Talk About Kevin (definitely a little disturbing, but intriguing with great acting) and Silent House (kind of scary with a good twist).
Twas’ a good weekend.  Hope yours was too!

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