Friday’s Five Faves

I am on a serious health kick right now.  I mean, I guess I am already a pretty healthy person, but lately I’ve really been kicking it up.  I’m so flippin’ addicted to sugar.  It’s sad.  So anyways, here are some of my favorite healthy finds as of late…
* Edamame (in the shell).  Just dump a big handful in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and nuke it for a few minutes.  Sprinkle on a little sea salt.  Good, filling snack.
* Fresh figs.  At their peak right now, so get them while you can.  I love the brown turkey and “LSU purple” varieties.  In the B’ham area?  Petals from the Past has the best.
* Vega plant based protein blend.  Using this to whip up quick smoothies instead of soy or whey protein. 
* Kale chips.  So easy to make and helps me get my salty fix.  I follow this simple recipe.
* So Delicious Cherry Amaretto dairy free ice cream.  Because I still need a little treat after supper 🙂
Of course while I am on this healthy kick I still have to deal with these kind of shenanigans at work…
Aye, aye, aye
Have y’all found any good healthy snacks lately?

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