Just a few things from the weekend…

  • I hate being that person that always talks about the weather, but seriously, I am in love with it right now!  This weekend was spectacularly (is that even a word?) beautiful, and waking up this morning to a cool 45 degrees was lovely.
  • In addition to the game day snacks I posted on Saturday, I made these veggie sloppy joes Saturday night.  Very tasty and I just dumped everything in the slow cooker for 5-6 hours.  {Note: I omitted the anchovies (gross!!), used kidney beans instead of black beans (mashed them up a little), and put all the ingredients straight into the slow cooker instead of using the stove.}  We ate them on Texas toast instead of plain ole’ buns and I thought this made them seem a little fancier.
  • I should note that with the addition of the sloppy joes, Texas toast, and sweet potato fries I consumed that night, my tally for the day went something like this…Panera bagel and jelly for breakfast, smoothie for snack, big scoop of pimiento cheese and crackers and an apple for lunch, copious amount of no-bake cookies, gummy worms, baked onion dip (with more crackers) and then the sloppy joe fiasco at dinner.  I am still paying for it.
  • Sunday evening was spent watching the Emmy’s, of course starting with the pre-Emmy red carpet show.  Honestly, my favorite part is really just seeing all the gorgeous dresses.  I loved all the bright colors this year!  My favorites…
Loved, loved the bright yellows and marigolds!
Pretty shades of blue

The back of this dress…ahh-mazing

Love them

Kat Denning’s dress was hands down my favorite.  Something about a red dress just gets me every time.

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