Friday’s Five Faves

* First and foremost….I PASSED that dadgum bar exam!  It was a stressful morning.  That is for sure.  What a huge weight off my shoulders though!
* Have you had a Goo Goo Cluster lately?  Have you ever even heard of one?  I think these are from like my grandparent’s era.  Gotta love Cracker Barrel and all their old school candy.  This guy came home with me the other night.  Because, you know, the country veggie plate and 15 2 pieces of cornbread I had wasn’t enough.

* How about the black bean soup from Panera?  It’s really good too, and probably much more nutritionally balanced than a Goo Goo Cluster.  Lately, I’ve been grabbing a bowl, with side salad, a couple times a week.  (Want to splurge?  I dare you to try that tomato mozzarella panini.  To die for.)

* New p.j.’s that make you feel pretty.  J.Crew’s got it going on right now with their line of comfy, and cute, jammers.  I love these
* Modern Family was back this week!  I love that show.  It’s LOL funny every single week.  We’ve been watching The New Normal the past few weeks too, and although it’s pretty comical, it’s no Modern Family.  I love that Eric Stonestreet (Cam) won an Emmy for his role, and his acceptance speech was really great I thought too.

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