Friday’s Five Faves

TGIF, friends!  I hope everyone else is having some amazing fall weather like we’ve been having.  I can’t wait to get out and enjoy it this weekend.  I’m hoping to head out for a long hike at Red Mountain at some point and tomorrow we are going to a birthday party at Oak Mountain, so we will definitely be enjoying the outdoors.  Tonight we have a little double date planned to go see Taken 2.  Popcorn and Twizzler coma here I come.
What am I loving this week?
* Sweet co-workers.  I was surprised earlier this week with this lovely (and rather huge) cookie cake in honor of passing the bar.  Yes the cookie decorator left the “s” off “Congratulations” and they put a space between the “e” and “a” in my name.  “Congratulation Le  anne.”  Those upside down balloons are actually supposed to be the legal justice scale.  We got a good laugh and the cake tasted amazing.
* Candy corn.  I am going through approximately a bag a week (only get Brach’s though…those “other” brands taste funny).  I feel a little less guilty because this is only a once a year treat for me (that lasts a month), but I probably need to tone it down a little.  I actually like to make a little snack mix of candy corn, pretzel sticks, unsalted peanuts and raisins.
* I really love my new cheek stain…Benetint.  As you may know, I am definitely a minimalist when it comes to makeup.  I don’t like to feel it, or really even see it.  This is perfect for giving you a little natural color without adding any weight at all.  Just feels like my natural skin.
* I just finished a really good book.  It kept me up late numerous nights because I just couldn’t put it down.  On that note, I’ve actually read several really great books lately.  Along with Into the Darkest Corner (by Elizabeth Haynes), I also recommend Gone Girl (by Gillian Flynn), Dark Places (also by Gillian Flynn), The Light Between Oceans (by ML Stedman), and The Boy in the Suitcase (by Lene Kaaberbol).  About to start The Night Circus.  Anybody read it??
* Ladies night out.  A few of us girls started a little tradition where we go out for a nice dinner the first Thursday of every month.  All the nights and restaurants have been planned out for the next 9 months (we’ve already had 3) so it takes care of the whole we-should-do-this-again-but-then-it-never-actually-happens dilemma.
Brookwood was hopping last night!

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