Monday’s Letters

Dear Monday,
Normally I loath don’t look forward to you, but today my morning devotion was all about being thankful, so I am choosing to be thankful for the couple days of rest and restoration I had, and for the job that I get to go to today.  Not everyone is so lucky…
Dear supposed cast of 50 Shades of Grey movie,
Ehh, not sure how I feel about you.  I mean, I like each of you in general, but you wouldn’t be my picks for this particular movie.  I think Mila will be ok as Anastasia, but I really had my heart set on Ian Somerhalder as Mr. Grey…
Dear crazy thunderstorm that kept me up for hours last night,
Tornado warnings?  In October?  Really???
Dear split pea soup,
You cooked all day yesterday and I was so happy when it came out tasting just like Pop’s soup that I love so much (even without the giant ham hock!) .  Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and brought back lots of happy memories of walking next door for this goodness.
Dear Riley,
You look very handsome with your new haircut.  I love how proud you are when you come home from the groomer…like you just know you look good.  Work it boy, work it.

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