Friday’s Five Faves

* The pumpkin bagels at Panera.  Limited time only, so go getcha one.  They are like a mix between pumpkin bread and that cinna-crunch bagel Panera has always had.  Definitely a treat, but so worth it.  Pretty awesome with a little of their honey walnut cream cheese, or the following….

* Laughing Cow cream cheese spreads.  They look just like the typical wheel of Laughing Cow cheeses and have the same nutrition stats, but they are in the cream cheese section.  I heard about these babies several months ago and have been stalking checking all the local grocery stores trying to find one that carried them.  Finally found some at the Walmart.  Walmarts of all kinds scare me, but I will make a special trip for this stuff.
* Amy’s Light and Lean products.  I have been stocking up on these to take for lunch and have yet to find one I don’t like.  We’ve always loved Amy’s frozen meals, veggie burgers and pizzas, but these “light” options are so delicious.  I couldn’t even recommend just one.
* Mio Water Enhancer.  I’ve been adding this to my water to jazz it up.  Makes getting my 64 ounces much more exciting.  Plus it’s easy to carry the little bottle around.  I like the Strawberry Watermelon and Black Cherry flavors.
* And for the only non-food related item, one of my most favorite shows is back…American Horror Story premiered Wednesday night.  And guess what??  Adam Levine was in the first episode!  This was very exciting.  If you watch The Voice, you understand.  We also watched the first 2 episodes of the new show Nashville and really liked it.  Lots of original songs and it’s cool how they show you shots all over Nashville.  I love Connie Britton too…
And that’s all folks.  On another note, I have approximately 14 brown bananas in the freezer right now.  This means I need some serious ideas for banana related recipes.  Can anybody help a girl out??

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