Friday’s Five Faves

Forewarning, I’ll be amazed if every single Friday Five Faves for the next 6 months is not about food 🙂 I mean, food and I pretty much go together like peas and carrots right now. See, I even used food for my analogy. 
* I am in love with this extra light Cabot cheese.  It’s easy to find the “light” version, but the “extra light” one is even lower in calories and fat, and still tastes good!  I’ve been slicing it up real thin and sticking it on whole wheat crackers.
* Tofurky deli meat.  One of my weird cravings has been sandwiches, like deli meat and all.  Obviously I’m not giving in to any sort of meat craving (going through the Chickfila drive-thru with Matt may be the death of me…blast you tempting fried chicken smells!), so this has really done the trick.  I go all out with soft bread, a little light mayo, light Swiss cheese and avocado slices. Mmmmm…
* Oh this is so naughty, but whatevs, I have an excuse for the next several months…the Holiday Mint  McFlurry from McDonald’s.  After date night, the hubs and I were jonesing for something sweet, but I’ve been very particular with the sweets category lately.  We decided on Mickey D’s for the sole purpose of getting plain vanilla cones.  Somehow we left with a Holiday Mint McFlurry and an Oreo McFlurry.
(Side note: After we ordered our McFlurries, we started stressing that they were going to give us the “snack size.”  Serious anxiety ensued for the next 5 minutes as we made our way to the window.  Hell hath no furry like a pregnant woman who thinks she is getting gipped on ice cream size.  No worries though, we were greeted with the regular version.  #McFatty)
* Improvising.  Due to events like the above (well, and something else I suppose), my regular pants are not buttoning/zipping/closing.  Thanks to lovely friends like Cassie, I don’t have to walk around with unbuttoned pants.
Ghetto maternity
* My parents got in today!  So excited to see them and let them make a big fuss over me!  I have so many fun fall activities on the agenda I want to do…hope we can fit it all in!

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