Friday’s Five Faves

* Veteran’s Day sale at Pottery Barn!  They’ve got some cute things marked down.  We are on the hunt for new bedding.  I also took advantage of the Election Day sale this past Tuesday…all the throw blankets were 30% off.
* The fact that everyone at work has been bringing in all their Halloween candy.  There are random stashes throughout the office.  I like to think of these random locations as proof that God knows I will want a fun size Snickers on my way to the potty (for the billionth time of the day).
* We watched Rock of Ages the other night and I really liked it!  I am not a fan of musicals, usually, but when they involve the totally awesome music of my childhood, I make exceptions.  The songs and performances in this are awesome.
* This stuff is so good.  I’ve been enjoying a glass every night with a couple cookies.  What kind of cookies you ask? 
* Oh just these ones.  A pretty good combo if you ask me…

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Five Faves

  1. I thought of something else you will need—at least 6 or 8 quilted waterproof pads! Yes, you'll have a changing pad cover or two, but you won't have time to wash them a million times everyday!!! We have gone through 5 or 6 of these pads in one day easily!! Ha! CG is famous for her double or triple tee tee's! 😉


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