Monday Letters

Dear Monday,
You are rainy and dreary, and you should be a day off for me.  I support the veterans too!  I would just rather show my support from my cozy bed instead of the office:)
Dear couches,
We felt lucky that after putting you on Craiglist’s before church yesterday, you were sold by 4.  But now we’re thinking, shoot, we have no where to sit.
Dear Pottery Barn,
See above and please send new couches ASAP.
Dear Baby Gap,
Seriously, you need to stop it with all the ridiculously cute baby clothes.  I’m already giggling thinking about Baby Mac wearing that snow suit next winter. 
“But I can’t put my arms down! Well… just put your arms down when you get to school.”  (If you can’t name that Christmas movie, then I may have to question our friendship.)
Dear amazing weather on Saturday,
Not sure who enjoyed you more, but my guess is Riley…

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