Friday’s Five Faves

* The “Bowery supersoft” long sleeved tee’s from Gap are awesome.  They come in lots of colors and are a little longer so they cover your hips (and expanding belly in my case).  Plus, at 2 for $25, they are a great staple buy.

* This cereal combo is yummy!  Imagine Cocoa Puffs and Reese Puffs, but much less sugar.

* Thanksgiving Potluck at work today…enuff said.

* Christmas decorations going up around town!  I am NOT one of those people that thinks you have to get through T’giving to start decorating for Christmas.  Who doesn’t enjoy looking at a Christmas tree while eating their Thanksgiving dinner??

The Summit looks so pretty!
* Weekend getaways!  We are heading to Nashville to visit friends and have an early Thanksgiving celebration with Matt’s parents.  Can’t wait to get there! 
On another note, want to hear a funny, but not really, story?  We recently bought all new furniture.  We’re moving next week (I know…what?!) so most of it is being delivered after we get settled in the new house.  Since we sold our old couch much quicker than anticipated, we did decide to go ahead and have the armchairs delivered so we’d have somewhere to sit.  So the entire house is boxed up and we have 1 chair in the living room.  The pantry items are also all boxed up.  Said box of pantry items included a container of dark cocoa powder.  Someone (big, furry and white, with a tendency to have mischievous behavior) proceeded to break into the box, remove the cocoa powder, carry it up on to the new armchair, pry the lid open, and dump the contents all over the new armchair, probably out of spite after realizing that unsweetened cocoa powder does not taste good.  Just a day in the life people, I tell you.

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