Friday’s Five Faves: Christmas Wish List Edition

First and foremost, are you reading this?  Are we still alive?  Did the ghosts of Mayan past come and wipe out our world?  No?  Ok good.  Glad to have you here.  Also, today just happens to be my birthday, and I would have hated to miss out on the all exciting thirty-first (eeeekkkkk!!) year.  Plus, I would really like to meet this little guy that continues to chill right on my bladder.
Anywho, one good thing about the world ending today would be that all you procrastinators out there (I have included myself in this) would not have to scurry around for last minute Christmas gifts this weekend.  Lo and behold though, it looks like we will be scurrying.  Granted this list is mainly stuff on my Christmas wish list, but hey, maybe you need to buy for someone who has impeccable taste similar to mine…:)
* Really pretty and cozy pajamas.  I spend a lot of time in pj’s.  A lot.  Wouldn’t it be nice to feel and look good?  I love all of these.
* A new slow cooker.  Mine (from college) finally bit the dust.  In fact, it probably did a couple years ago.  I love those nice stainless steel ones that are pretty enough to leave out on the counter, like this, or even this one that makes perfectly cooked risotto (a staple in our house).
* A cool hospital gown.  Because seriously, there will be like a million pictures being taken when Baby Asher arrives and I for one do not want to be wearing one of those flimsy hospital gowns. 
* A gift card to Sephora for like $5,000,000, so I can just buy what I want with no guilt.  $40 Dior Show mascara?  $200 La Mer creme?  Don’t mind if I do.
* Fancy bath salts and soaps.  I love a good bath, but I usually just stock up at Bath and Body Works when they have those super sales.  It would be fun to have some swanky bath time products though.  Even Whole Foods has a great bath salt display where you can buy by the pound.
* This beautiful calligraphy return address stamp.  I’ve always wanted one of these, but it’s not something I would just go buy myself.  May have to just bite the bullet though…
* A cute Kate Spade iPhone case.  What a great under $50 gift idea!
* The first season of Homeland on DVD.  We really want to start this show after hearing such good things.  Also, seasons 5 and 6 of Breaking Bad, since our free live stream from Netflix only took us through Season 4 and we were left with a serious cliffhanger.
* A gift card to Pottery Barn Kids or Buy Buy Baby.  My how times have changed.
Happy weekend, and happy shopping y’all!!

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