Christmas 2012

We spent Christmas in Sarasota this year.  It was a lovely break from the usual chaos of life.  We shopped, ate out, took lots of walks, baked, visited friends, stayed up late talking and watching movies, slept in each morning, and then just started all over again.  There were really no agendas or commitments, which was just peachy.
Of course we all received and gave some beautiful gifts, but I still think we most enjoyed spending time together and remembering the reason for the season.  Plus, it was really fun to talk about and imagine how different next Christmas will be with the new addition to the family.  Asher Wade was showered with so many precious gifts and he’s not even here yet! 
Here are a few pictures from our holidays if you would like to see…

Mom and me with Pops, ready for Christmas Eve service


Normally they are such posers, but were obviously not feeling it tonight…

Obsessed with the fire

Since Grams is no longer with us, it’s now my job to make the Christmas bread

Mom and Dad’s beautiful tree

Asher got all of his sweet bedding!

Christmas dinner

Visiting Grams…how beautiful does this look?!

Dinner with our sweet friends, the Cheesman’s

These are actually from NYE, but thought I’d throw them in there


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